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BookitWise: Meeting Room Booking System

BookitWise is a Swedish web based meeting room booking system. Streamlined workflow and easy to use software for both clients and visitors when arranging, booking and attending meetings.

Bookitwise provides a classic user friendly outline of available rooms and time-slots. Providing easy access to meeting related resources like video conferencing and catering, on your existing devices.

BookitWise Room Booking System is available for a free 30-day free trial download here.

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Meeting Room Booking System

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Bookitwise Meeting Room booking system boost your meeting space, lessen administrator time’s brings more booking methods into your association.

Bookitwise Room Booking System handles meeting rooms, Conference rooms, Visitors, Hospitality, services and resource reservation, all in one consistent web-based system.

The system fully incorporates with MS Outlook and MS exchange server.

Compelling, user friendly and easy to use meeting planning tool Bookitwise is meeting room booking system that makes it simple to handle imparted assets like conference rooms, meeting rooms and resource reservation.

It’s a successful and easy to understand room booking system and furthermore assets like resources reservation system for utilization in private companies and open foundations and public associations.

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Mobile Room Booking – Meeting Room booking

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  • No need for download application at your device
  • Book the rooms as and when you need it from anywhere you are.
  • You can check your rooms at any device.BookitWise is aimed at delivering the most effective way to manage your meeting rooms and resources.
  • Far From Workplace
  • User Freindly
  • Latest Technology
  • User Flexibility
  • Easy Planning, Usable & Secure

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BookitWise Instant – Room Door Signage

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  • Show today’s activities and let users schedule events directly from the digital door sign.
  • Flexible, dynamic and easy to use!
  • Manage and show availability
  • Improve your meeting room efficiency instantly by providing employees and visitors with a complete overview of the day’s meeting activities.

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Bookitwise Overview – Digital Dynamic Signage


  • BookitWise Overview is the digital signage which informs the clients about their day bookings on the Digital Signage.
  • BookitWise Overview welcomes all the visitors with the professional information signage solution, regarding the current meetings and available rooms.
  • It integrates with other systems and customization can be done. When meetings are updated or new meetings added , System automatically updates the record on the screen and once done it will disappear from the list on screen.
  • It can be customized with the appearance that matches the company’s logo and colors.

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Thousands Of Users Using Bookitwise Every Day!

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