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Resource Reservation System- Bookitwise

Bookitwise is a best resource reservation system which is used to reserve rooms, reserve catering and others resources like video conferences in sweden.

Integrating with Microsoft Outlook® and the Exchange Server and active directory Bookitwise empowers you to rapidly and effortlessly check and reserve the most suitable resources.

Bookitwise gives you a brief outline of all meeting rooms indicating accessibility, chose pictures of the individual rooms, and other resource reservation like video conferencing, catering services and other related administrative tools.

Also it also provides the brief overview of potential meeting rooms, conference rooms in diverse locations, worldwide.

Without Bookitwise to find available meeting rooms , available resource reservation and video conference rooms can be difficult.

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Integrated With Microsoft Outlook® & Exchange Server

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Bookitwise is a web-based system integrated with MS Outlook, active directory and exchange server, permitting you to book a conference room straightforwardly from your schedule arrangement.

This combination offers incredible adaptability for the client by making an ideal conference room booking experience, which is most effective and competitive in the market.

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Easily Connect With Conference

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BookitWise is working as a resource reservation system.

Conference room booking is fast and simple with bookitwise Meeting Room Booking.

It permits you to interface different endpoints at distinctive areas into one booking.

It can additionally associate with any outsider conference meeting, offering more amazing adaptability when leading your worldwide business.

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Available Resources Reservation

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Bookitwise Room Booking System permits you to book providing food and reserve resources, for example, video conferencing.

It stays informed concerning right perceive time, expense and accessible resources levels for future booking.

BookitWise passes the information to the relevant services provider to check and update the resources stock for immediate action.

It allows user to reserve resources for catering services and other administrative tools.

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Easy and Simple Scheduler Matrix

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Bookitwise Room Booking schedule matrix gives you a chance to book meetings rooms, conference rooms, seminar halls and resource reservation simply and effectively.

Client can see the calendar and kind of booking, food and beverage requirement, and all important information related meetings.

You can additionally see rooms at different areas, which is perfect for conference room booking.

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More Extra Feature of BookitWise


Support From Experts

We provide 24/7 worldwide support to valuable customers through our nearest branch or local branch offices.

Customers are constantly ensured to address by our expert support team.

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Decrease Travelling

With the help of Video conferencing and mobile room booking, it will decrese the maximum time of travelling and minimize physical meetings which is more collective working connection over your worldwide offices and makes working easy.

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Connect With Visitlog System

As visitlog is integrated with bookitiwise, meetings host will get notification on arrival of vistiors.

With Bookitwise all meetings, visits, resources, conferences and availibilty of rooms managed in one system.

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Reduce Overall Cost

With the help of mobile room booking and video conferencing real estate cost will be minimised, save precious time and money and reduce over all cost.

No need to install software as Bookitwise is a web based room booking system.

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Call us today at +46-(0)8-766-7020 or email info@bookitwise.com

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Thousands Of Users Using Bookitwise Every Day!

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